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20 Maggio 2024

Join the Hackathon 2024 - University Edition!

on line Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy brings together brilliant minds passionate about digital solutions and AI, to tackle real energy challenges and help build a lower-carbon world where everyone can access and afford energy.

In this hackathon, you will have a chance to develop mathematical models to optimise fleet decarbonisation strategies, to help fleet owners make informed decisions that align with their energy transition objectives and business outcomes. Hackathon 2024. (

Join us, crack the code and win exciting awards!

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Hackathon timeline 2024
DateCompetition stage
May 10 Hackathon opens for expression of interest to participate.
May 31 Start of Level 1, Launch Webinar and Hackathon Rules, registration to participate opens.
July 1 End of Level 1, registrations close
July 8 Start of Level 2
August 4 End of Level 2
August 13 Top finalists announcement
August 16 Due date for Level 3 registrations
September 9 Live pitching session and winners announcement

Special University Edition

Open to anyone currently studying at or associated with any university/institute/college (students, PhD, Postdoc, Technical Assistant, Research Assistant, faculty, etc.)
Shortlist and winners
20 Participants with top scores in the private leaderboard (regardless of the edition) will be shortlisted for Level 2.
In Level 2 shortlisted teams will develop a prototype based on their solution. The top two finalists will be announced based on the judging criteria.
In Level 3, the finalist teams will pitch their solutions live and the winners will be selected.

  • University Edition Winner: 1,500 USD
  • University Edition runner up: 1,000 USD

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