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22 Marzo 2021

White Paper: "The PLANET Project: A Tool for Flexibility in the Energy Transition"

The PLANET consortium is releasing a White Paper to transmit knowledge and results to its stakeholders. The publication is targeting DSOs as network operators and planners, policymakers at EU and national level, energy market and policy regulators, standardisation bodies, RES producers, aggregators, P2G/P2H solution providers, end-prosumers, the scientific community as well as representatives of the EU/National Smart Grid and Energy Conversion and Storage Industrial communities. It aims to:

  • present the problem and the need PLANET addresses;
  • demonstrate the solution approached by the consortium;
  • discuss the modelling of conversion/storage technologies in order to enable planning, management and operation tools;
  • introduce the PLANET system and present simulation of use cases and results;
  • explore standardisation proposals based on the PLANET standardisation punch list; and
  • put forward policy/market reform recommendations.
The White Paper is publised in Open Acces license and is edited by Marco Badami and Mariapia Martino (Politecnico di Torino), Vasiliki Katsiki (Hypertech) and Konstantinos Kanellos (Vaasaett).
The document can be downloaded from the EU Agenda portal.