The branches of the Department were established and structured to effectively support the research activities of the groups. This structure hinges on enforcement establishment figures (Director, Board of Department, Department Board), but especially on the legislative and organizational establishment figures, represented by the committees, specific to each topic on the organization of research.
Are the governing bodies of the Department: the Director, the Council and the Board.

The director

  • It represents the Department    
  • Ensure the proper implementation of the activities carried on by the Department in line with regulatory requirements and constraints
  • Ensures the quality and transparency    
  • Administers and is responsible for the budget
  • It promotes the activities and functioning of the Department, in collaboration with the Government defining the strategies and ensuring the multi-annual programming
  • Responsible for relations with the governing bodies and with the relevant structures    
  • Exercise the powers provided for by law, the Articles of Association and the General Regulations of the University.
  • It takes the decisions and makes them enforceable    
  • Monitors compliance under the Department of Laws, Articles of Association and the Internal Regulations
  • Take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of workers

The Council is the body that directs the program and the scientific and educational activities of Dipartimento.Le basic functions are provided by the Statute in regulations issued by the governing bodies of the Polytechnic. It belongs specifically to the Council:Approve the estimated budget    

  • Approve the estimated budget
  • Approve the final accounts and the self-evaluation documents
  • Establish general criteria for the use of funds, as well as for the coordinated use of personnel and resources available    
  • Take the appropriate changes to the budget
  • Take note or approve, according to the directions given by the administration for the different types of projects, proposals for public or private funding    
  • Propose to the governing bodies the setting up of laboratories and / or research centers

The Board is the executive body that assists the Director. They include the Deputy Director, the Head of Management and elected members of the teaching staff and the administrative staff.