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Armando, Eric Giacomo; Villata, Franco; Guglielmi, Paolo (2014)
Electric Loss Measurement Technique for Synchronous PM Brushless Machines. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, vol. 61, pp. 4421-4431. ISSN 0278-0046
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Armando, Eric Giacomo; Villata, Franco; Guglielmi, Paolo (2012)
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Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI; Guglielmi, Paolo; Vagati, Alfredo; Villata, Franco (2010)
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Guglielmi, Paolo; Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI; Griva, Giovanni Battista; Villata, ... (2009)
A direct-drive solution for Hydrogen supplied all-electric airplane. In: Industrial Electronics, 2009. IECON '09. 35th Annual Conference of IEEE, Porto, 3-5 Novembre 2009, pp. 2525-2530. ISBN: 9781424446483
Vagati, Alfredo; Villata, Franco; Guglielmi, Paolo; Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI (2003)
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Villata, Franco; Fratta, Antonino; Vagati, A; Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI; Delgobbo, ... (2002)
Fratta, Antonino; Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI; Scapino, Federico; Villata, Franco (2000)
Three-phase PWM VSI Induction Motor Drives: VSI power transmission optimization by adopting a series-Line Termination Net. In: Thirty-seventh International Intelligent Motion Conference : PCIM 2000 Europe, Nuremberg, Germany,, June 6-8, 2000, pp. 269-274. ISBN: 3928643258
Fratta, Antonino; Guglielmi, Paolo; Pellegrino, GIAN - MARIO LUIGI; Villata, Franco (2000)
Power loss analysis and measurement of a high efficiency DC-DC converter for EV traction AC drives. In: IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology ICIT 2000, Goa (IND), 19-22 January 2000, pp. 347-352. ISBN: 0780358120
Fratta, Antonino; Guglielmi, Paolo; Villata, Franco; Vagati, Alfredo (1998)
Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AC drives for electric vehicles improved by a novel boost DC-DC conversion structure. In: IEEE Workshop on Power Electronics in Transportation, Dearborn - Michigan (USA), 22-23 October 1998, pp. 11-19. ISBN: 0780343980
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Comparative Design of a New DC/DC Conversion Scheme for Gas Discharge Lamp in Automotive Applications. In: IEEE ISIE' 96, 17-20 June 1996, pp. 542-548
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Comparison of power topologies for industrial drives, based on safety and EMC european standards or directives. In: MELECON 1996, Bari - Italia, 13-16 May 1996, pp. 1242-1246. ISBN: 0780331095
Fratta, Antonino; ROSSO P., M; Vagati, Alfredo; Villata, Franco (1995)
Square-wave excitation and sampling techniques for resolver-to-digital converters in AC servo-drives. In: PCIM Power Conversion & Intelligent Motion, Nurnberg (Germany), June 1995, pp. 385-396
Franceschini, G; Fratta, Antonino; Petrache, C; Vagati, Alfredo; Villata, Franco (1994)
Design comparison between induction and synchronous reluctance motors. In: ICEM 1994 - International conference on electrical machines, Parigi, 6-8 Sept. 1994, pp. 329-334
Ferranti, M; Ferraris, Luca; Laner, E; Villata, Franco (1993)
Induction motor drives for traction application. In: 6th Conference EPE 93, Brighton, UK, 13-16 September 1993, pp. 282-289
Ferraris, P; Ferraris, Luca; Laner, E; Pastorelli, MICHELE ANGELO; Tenconi, Alberto; ... (1993)
Studio e realizzazione di un sistema propulsivo elettrico per veicolo di trasporto leggero: risultati di una prima fase con sperimentazione attuata mediante un veicolo appositamente realizzato. In: 1° Convegno Nazionale P.F. Trasporti 2, Roma, 19-21 Ottobre 1993
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Flux observer based multilevel modulation technique for AC drives with variable-structure logic controller. In: PCC Yokohama, Yokohama - Japan, 19-21 April 1993, pp. 219-226
Fratta, Antonino; TROGLIA G., P; Vagati, Alfredo; Villata, Franco (1993)
Evaluation of torque ripple in high performance synchronous reluctance machines. In: IEEE Industry Application Annual Meeting, Toronto - Canada, 2-8 October 1993, pp. 163-170
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