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Confirmed Associate Professor

Member of Interdepartmental Center (Ec-L - Energy Center Lab)

+39 0110904450 / 4450 (DENERG)

+39 331 6638331 (DENERG)

Most recent publications

Uggenti, A. C.; Gerboni, R.; Carpignano, A.; Ballocco, G.; Tortora, A.; Aliberti, A. (2022)
Definition of a Basic Design for Conversion of an Offshore Fixed Platform on a Depleted Reservoir Into a Sustainable Plant. In: ASCE-ASME JOURNAL OF RISK AND UNCERTAINTY IN ENGINEERING SYSTEMS. PART B. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, vol. 8. ISSN 2332-9017
Uggenti, A. C.; Nallo, G. F.; Carpignano, A.; Pedroni, N.; Zanino, R. (2022)
Identification of the Postulated Initiating Events of Accidents of a CPS-Based Liquid Metal Divertor for the EU DEMO Fusion Reactor. In: FUSION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, pp. 1-13. ISSN 1536-1055
Benetatos, C.; Bocchini, S.; Carpignano, A.; Chiodoni, A.; Cocuzza, M.; Deangeli, C.; ... (2021)
How underground systems can contribute to meet the challenges of energy transition. In: GEAM. GEOINGEGNERIA AMBIENTALE E MINERARIA, vol. 58, pp. 65-80. ISSN 1121-9041
Gerboni, Raffaella; Ledda, Gianmario; Moscatello, Alberto; Uggenti, ANNA CHIARA; ... (2021)
Fluid-Dynamic Calibration of an Atmospheric Wind Tunnel Applied to Test Offshore Infrastructures. In: OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition, Ravenna, Italy, September 28–30, 2021, pp. 1-12. ISBN: 978-88946678-0-6
Nallo, G. F.; Pedroni, N.; Uggenti, A. C.; Carpignano, A.; Zanino, R. (2020)
Functional safety assessment of a liquid metal divertor for the European demo tokamak. In: 30th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2020 and 15th Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference, PSAM15 2020, Venice (Italy), 2020, pp. 750-750. ISBN: 978-981-14-8593-0
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