Magnetic Characterization Laboratory

MAGlab is a Magnetic Characterization Laboratory in the Alessandria site of Politecnico.

The Laboratory performs measurements of a wide range of magnetic and electric properties of soft and hard magnetic materials.

The research focus is mainly on Bonded Magnets and Soft Magnetic Composites. New materials and technologies are studied, applied, designed and simulated. Fully functional prototypes of fractional power rotating electrical machines are simulated, implemented and characterised in the lab.

Dynamic thermal imaging measurements, showing the iron losses distribution, are conducted on prepared SMC or laminated samples and complete machines.

A partial list of the available instruments:

  • Hysteresigraph Laboratorio Elettrofisico mod. I-200 A/S  – conventional and heated poles, powder measurement fixtures, temperature compensated probes
  • Magnetiser Laboratorio Elettrofisico mod. OFM 00.0140 – 2500 V, 30 kJ
  • Reference Gaussmeter Laboratorio Elettrofisico mod. DG60 – axial and transverse probes
  • Reference magnets Laboratorio Elettrofisico mod. HYS-F (OFS00.0001) and mod. HYS-Nd (OFS00.0004)
  • Hysteresigraph for soft materials Politecnico di Torino – 0.25÷2000 Hz, flux distortion compensation, arbitrary flux waveform, toroid and SST tests, thermal camera integration
  • Coercimeter Foerster mod. Koerzimat 1.095