• LEAP (2013)
    virtual powertrain calibration
    The main activity of Leap is the production and marketing of innovative software for the efficient development of the latest generation of propulsion systems in the automotive field, including hybrid architectures, and their control system. The software guides the design decisions on the architecture of the system (including the control system) and the technological content, supporting the phase of development to production. Through a process of optimization, the software lets you meet all the product requirements in terms of performance, levels of CO2 and pollutant emissions, noise impact, helping to minimize the time and cost of the design and development process.
  • PR.O. VOICE (2014)
    monitoring of voice parameters for the entry of the security professionals, in collaboration with the University of Turin, Medical Dept.
    PR.O.VOICE develops and distributes customizable electronic devices capable of non-invasively. It detects the correct vocal apparatus use and it reports in real time any abuse and fatigue conditions. PR.O.VOICE born in 2014 from the result of the studies from different groups of researchers, composed of acoustic, electronic and medical specialists of the voice. The mission of PR.O.VOICE is to design systems able to provide each customer in real-time indications of possible abuses in the use of the voice, to educate them in proper use vocal tract and to prevent the onset of diseases. The PR.O.VOICE products are designed to be able to accompany the customer during his daily activities without inhibiting the normal course, in order to obtain a full and reliable assessment on the use of his voice.
  • BE-ECO (2014)
    environmentally friendly solutions for the building industry in the retrofit of existing assets
    BE-ECO ™ S.r.l, it is a company specializing in the development of environmentally friendly solutions for the building industry and it operates mainly in the field of existing assets. The functional and energy recovery of existing assets will constitute in the future an important growth drivers at the international level, the field for which you will need to identify new intervention strategies. The company intends be a player in this sector with innovative systems in terms of construction and environmental profile.
  • REPLANT (2015)
    services for the development of short chain of a new product with a calorific value comparable to the pellets
    The RePlant company LTD has as main objective the promotion of sustainable supply chains from forest biomass, the development of renewable energy to supply chains and energy efficiency. The activities focus mainly in support the development of innovative pathways that are characterized by production of wood fuel from local biomass, with technical standards and high combustion, low humidity, regular size and high calorific value. The promotion of alternative local fuel pellets is completed by the supply chain environmental impact analysis, ensuring reduced pollutant emissions throughout the supply chain and greater economic impact on local economy. The activities cover both consulting activities directed to public and private institutions in order to define and structure production chains at local fuels, both through the provision of tools and promoting the use of systems characterized by high technical standards.
  • MOVEPLUS - Easymoove (2015)
    innovative services and products designed to reduce the energy and environmental impact of mobility
    From MovePlus borns Easymoove, a carpooling service for urban areas or even said ride sharing: a new way to share passages by car. Easymoove helps people in search of a passage to find another user with free seats in his car going in the same direction. Through the platform Easymoove finds new people with your same passions, traveling along savings, you have fun and protects the environment. Move Plus, spinoff of Politecnico di Torino, has developed the Easymoove service that has received the support of several Italian towns and has been awarded amongst the best innovative ideas from the EU ban SpeedUp! Europe.