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Pubblicazioni più recenti

Cots, A.; Dicorato, S.; Giovannini, L.; Favoino, F.; Manca, M. (2021)
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Ten questions concerning co-simulation for performance prediction of advanced building envelopes. In: BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, vol. 191. ISSN 0360-1323 Download fulltext
Favoino, Fabio; Fantucci, Stefano; Resalati, Shahaboddin; Fan, Mizi; Corker, Jorge (2021)
H2020 Powerskin+: Carbon-neutral non-residential buildings. In: OPEN ACCESS GOVERNMENT, vol. 29, pp. 406-407. ISSN 2516-3817 Download fulltext
Giovannini, Luigi; Favoino, Fabio; Lo Verso, Valerio Roberto Maria; Serra, Valentina; ... (2020)
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Luna Navarro, Alessandra; Diego Blanco Cadena, Juan; Favoino, Fabio; Donato, Mattia; ... (2019)
Occupant-Centred Control strategies for Adaptive Facades: A preliminary study of the impact of shortwave solar radiation on thermal comfort. In: International Building Performance Simulation Conference, Roma, September 2019
Pelle, Martina; Causone, Francesco; Favoino, Fabio; Contrada, Francesca; Kindinis, Andrea (2019)
Evaluation of Post Processing Analysis to determine Optimal Thermo-Optical Properties for Adaptive Glazing Systems with Quick Adaptation Speed. In: International Building Performance Simulation Conference, Roma, September 2019
Piscitelli, MARCO SAVINO; Brandi, Silvio; Gennaro, Giovanni; Capozzoli, Alfonso; ... (2019)
Advanced Control Strategies For The Modulation of Solar Radiation In Buildings: MPC-enhanced Rule-based Control. In: International Building Performance Simulation Conference, Roma, September 2019
Baracani, Manuela; Giovannini, Luigi; Serra, Valentina; Favoino, Fabio (2019)
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Improving thermal performance of plasters by means of recycled and phase change materials. In: 10th International Conference on Healthy Buildings 2012, Brisbane, QLD, aus, 2012, pp. 889-890
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