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Wei, X.; Gao, S.; Zang, T.; Huang, T.; Wang, T.; Li, D. (2018)
Social Energy Internet: Concept, Architecture and Outlook. In: ZHōNGGUó DIàNJ̄I GōNGCHéNG XUéBàO, vol. 38, pp. 4969-4986. ISSN 0258-8013
Wei, X.; Gao, S.; Li, D.; Huang, T.; Pi, R.; Wang, T. (2018)
Cascading Fault Graph for the Analysis of Transmission Network Vulnerability Under Different Attacks. In: ZHōNGGUó DIàNJ̄I GōNGCHéNG XUéBàO, vol. 38, pp. 465-474. ISSN 0258-8013
Ye, Hanyu; Fechner, Tobias; Lei, Xianzhang; Luo, Yi; Zhou, Mingyu; Han, Zhengyi; Wang, ... (2018)
Review on HVDC cable terminations. In: HIGH VOLTAGE, vol. 3, pp. 79-89(10). ISSN 2397-7264 Download fulltext
Bompard, Ettore; Grosso, Daniele; Huang, Tao; Profumo, Francesco; Lei, Xianzhang; Li, Duo (2018)
World decarbonization through global electricity interconnections. In: ENERGIES, vol. 11. ISSN 1996-1073 Download fulltext
Carlo Montanari, Gian; Morshuis, Peter H. F.; Zhou, Mingyu; Stevens, Gary C.; Vaughan, ... (2018)
Criteria influencing the selection and design of HV and UHV DC cables in new network applications. In: HIGH VOLTAGE, vol. 3, pp. 90-95(5). ISSN 2397-7264 Download fulltext
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