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Most cited publications

Ballarini, Ilaria; Corgnati, STEFANO PAOLO; Corrado, Vincenzo (2014)
Use of reference buildings to assess the energy saving potentials of the residential building stock: the experience of TABULA Project.. In: ENERGY POLICY, vol. 68, pp. 273-284. ISSN 0301-4215
Fabrizio, Enrico; Corrado, Vincenzo; Filippi, Marco (2010)
A model to design and optimize multi-energy systems in buildings at the design concept stage. In: RENEWABLE ENERGY, vol. 35 Issue 3, pp. 644-655. ISSN 0960-1481
Mechri, HOUCEM EDDINE; Capozzoli, Alfonso; Corrado, Vincenzo (2010)
Use of the ANOVA approach for sensitive building energy design. In: APPLIED ENERGY, vol. 87, pp. 3073-3083. ISSN 0306-2619
Corrado, Vincenzo; Mechri, H. E. (2009)
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for Building Energy Rating. In: JOURNAL OF BUILDING PHYSICS, vol. 33, pp. 125-156. ISSN 1744-2591
Capozzoli, Alfonso; Corrado, Vincenzo; Gorrino, Alice (2013)
A building thermal bridges sensitivity analysis. In: APPLIED ENERGY, vol. 107, pp. 229-243. ISSN 0306-2619
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