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Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor (Ateneo)

+39 0110907164 / 7164 (DENERG)

Most recent publications

Lazzeroni, Paolo; Mariuzzo, Ivan; Quercio, Michele; Repetto, Maurizio (2021)
Economic, Energy, and Environmental Analysis of PV with Battery Storage for Italian Households. In: ELECTRONICS, vol. 10. ISSN 2079-9292 Download fulltext
Lazzeroni, Paolo; Cirimele, Vincenzo; Canova, Aldo (2020)
Economic and environmental sustainability of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer for electric vehicles supporting reduction of local air pollutant emissions. In: RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, vol. 138. ISSN 1364-0321
Minuto, F. D.; Lazzeroni, P.; Borchiellini, R.; Olivero, S.; Bottaccioli, L.; Lanzini, A. (2020)
Modeling technology retrofit scenarios for the conversion of condominium into an energy community: An Italian case study. In: JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION. ISSN 0959-6526
Giaccone, L.; Lazzeroni, P.; Repetto, M. (2020)
Uncertainty quantification in energy management procedures. In: ELECTRONICS, vol. 9, pp. 1-10. ISSN 2079-9292 Download fulltext
Lazzeroni, Paolo; Moretti, Francesco; Stirano, Federico (2020)
Economic potential of PV for Italian residential end-users. In: ENERGY, vol. 200C. ISSN 0360-5442
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