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Technical area - D Category (Service Centre of the Department of Energy)

+39 0110907145 / 7145 (D.ENERG)

+39 3356622118 / 8033 (DENERG)

Most recent publications

Repetto, Maurizio; Martino, Mariapia (2022)
Best Practice Book - Training on energy audits as an Energy Efficiency DRIVER for the automotive sector. Torino, Politecnico di Torino, P. 49. ISBN: 978-88-85745-87-2
Badami, Marco; Martino, Mariapia; Katsiki, Vasiliki; Kanellos, Konstantinos (2021)
The PLANET Project: A Tool for Flexibility in the Energy Transition. Torino, Politecnico di Torino, P. 58. ISBN: 9788885745582
Martino, Mariapia; Pescetto, Paolo; Pellegrino, Gianmario (2020)
Advanced Functionally Integrated E-Axle for A-Segment Electric Vehicles. In: 2020 AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (AEIT AUTOMOTIVE), pp. 1-6. ISBN: 978-8-8872-3749-8
Badami, M.; Fambri, G.; Manco, S.; Martino, M.; Damousis, I. G.; Agtzidis, D.; Tzovaras, ... (2019)
A decision support system tool to manage the flexibility in renewable energy-based power systems. In: ENERGIES, vol. 13. ISSN 1996-1073
Schröder, Andrea; Kahlen, Christoph; Martino, Mariapia; Papanikolaou, Antonis (2018)
The EU Research Project PLANET. In: Smart Microgrids / M. Nayeripour, E. Waffendchmidt and M. Kheshti, London, IntechOpen, pp. 123-143. ISBN: 978-1-78923-458-9
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