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+39 0110904546 / 4546 (DENERG)

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Favoino, Fabio; Baracani, Manuela; Giovannini, Luigi; Gennaro, Giovanni; Goia, Francesco (2022)
6 - Embedding intelligence to control adaptive building envelopes. In: Rethinking Building Skins - Transformative Technologies and Research Trajectories / S.N., S.L., Woodhead Publishing, pp. 155-179
Giovannini, Luigi; Baracani, Manuela; Favoino, Fabio; Serra, Valentina (2021)
Occupant-centric control of transparent dynamic façades through an integrated co-simulation framework. In: International Conference of Building Performance Simulation Association BS2019, Bruge, Belgium, 3-7 Settembre 2021. ISBN: 978-1-7750520-1-2
Baracani, Manuela; Giovannini, Luigi; Serra, Valentina; Favoino, Fabio (2019)
Control of dynamic glazing in heating dominated climate for office buildings: contrasting occupant visual comfort requirements with energy use. In: 51st AiCARR International Conference : THE HUMAN DIMENSION OF BUILDING ENERGY PERFORMANCE, Venice, Italy, February 20–22, 2019
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