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Catto Lucchino, E.; Gelesz, A.; Skeie, K.; Gennaro, G.; Reith, A.; Serra, V.; Goia, F. (2021)
Modelling double skin fa├žades (DSFs) in whole-building energy simulation tools: Validation and inter-software comparison of a mechanically ventilated single-story DSF. In: BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, vol. 199, pp. 1-25. ISSN 0360-1323 Download fulltext
Piscitelli, MARCO SAVINO; Brandi, Silvio; Gennaro, Giovanni; Capozzoli, Alfonso; ... (2019)
Advanced Control Strategies For The Modulation of Solar Radiation In Buildings: MPC-enhanced Rule-based Control. In: International Building Performance Simulation Conference, Roma, September 2019
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