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Member of Interdepartmental Center (Ec-L - Energy Center Lab)

+39 0110908503 / 8503 (DENERG)

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Novo, Riccardo; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Bracco, Giovanni; Mattiazzo, Giuliana; ... (2022)
Supporting decarbonization strategies of local energy systems by de-risking investments in renewables: a case study on Pantelleria island. In: ENERGIES, vol. 15. ISSN 1996-1073
Rozzi, E.; Minuto, F. D.; Lanzini, A. (2021)
Dynamic modeling and thermal management of a Power-to-Power system with hydrogen storage in microporous adsorbent materials. In: JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE, vol. 41. ISSN 2352-152X
Canestri, Giampaolo; Cerva, Eleonora; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Lanzini, Andrea; ... (2021)
Renewable Energy Communities in Valle d{ extquotesingle}Aosta Region: development perspectives. In: 2021 IEEE 15th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering (CPE-POWERENG), Florence, Italy, 2021, pp. 1-7. ISBN: 9781728180717
Abbà, Ilaria; Minuto, Francesco Demetrio; Lanzini, Andrea (2021)
Feasibility Analysis of a Multi-family House Energy Community in Italy. In: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies / S.N., S.L., Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, pp. 1165-1175. ISBN: 978-3-030-48278-7
Minuto, F. D.; Lazzeroni, P.; Borchiellini, R.; Olivero, S.; Bottaccioli, L.; Lanzini, A. (2020)
Modeling technology retrofit scenarios for the conversion of condominium into an energy community: An Italian case study. In: JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION. ISSN 0959-6526
Borchiellini, Romano; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO (2020)
What Is Our Point of View on “Energy Independence and Research for Economic and Environmental Sustainability”?. In: TECNICA ITALIANA, vol. 64, pp. 60-62. ISSN 0040-1846
Conte, G.; Stelitano, S.; Policicchio, A.; Minuto, F. D.; Lazzaroli, V.; Galiano, F.; ... (2020)
Assessment of activated carbon fibers from commercial Kevlar® as nanostructured material for gas storage: Effect of activation procedure and adsorption of CO2 and CH4. In: JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS, vol. 152. ISSN 0165-2370
Viti, S.; Lanzini, A.; Minuto, F. D.; Caldera, M.; Borchiellini, R. (2020)
Techno-economic comparison of buildings acting as Single-Self Consumers or as energy community through multiple economic scenarios. In: SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY, vol. 61. ISSN 2210-6707
Rozzi, E.; Minuto, F. D.; Lanzini, A.; Leone, P. (2020)
Green synthetic fuels: Renewable routes for the conversion of non-fossil feedstocks into gaseous fuels and their end uses. In: ENERGIES, vol. 13. ISSN 1996-1073
Papurello, Davide; Vitulli, Vitangelo; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Bottaccioli, Lorenzo; ... (2019)
Strategies for demand-side management in an office building integrated with rooftop façade PV installations.. In: TECNICA ITALIANA, vol. 63, pp. 311-314. ISSN 0040-1846
Schiera, DANIELE SALVATORE; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Bottaccioli, Lorenzo; ... (2019)
Analysis of Rooftop Photovoltaics Diffusion in Energy Community Buildings by a Novel GIS- and Agent-Based Modeling Co-Simulation Platform. In: IEEE ACCESS, vol. 7, pp. 93404-93432. ISSN 2169-3536
Minuto, F. D.; Balderas-Xicohtencatl, R.; Policicchio, A.; Hirscher, M.; Agostino, R. G. (2018)
Assessment methodology of promising porous materials for near ambient temperature hydrogen storage applications. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, vol. 43, pp. 14550-14556. ISSN 0360-3199
Giuseppe Agostino, Raffaele; Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Aloise and Alfonso Policicchio, ... (2016)
Liquid-like Hydrogen in the Ultra-Micropores of Commercial Activated Carbons. In: 229th ECS Meeting, San Diego, CA, May 29, 2016 - June 2, 2016. ISSN 2151-2043
Minuto, FRANCESCO DEMETRIO; Policicchio, Alfonso; Aloise, Alfredo; Giuseppe Agostino, ... (2015)
Liquid-like hydrogen in the micropores of commercial activated carbons. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, vol. 40, pp. 14562-14572. ISSN 1879-3487
Nicotera, I.; Simari, C.; Coppola, L.; Zygouri, P.; Gournis, D.; Brutti, S.; Minuto, F. ... (2014)
Sulfonated graphene oxide platelets in nafion nanocomposite membrane: Advantages for application in direct methanol fuel cells. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C, vol. 118, pp. 24357-24368. ISSN 1932-7447
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