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+39 0110904557 / 4557 (DENERG)

Patents and other Intellectual properties

Dispositivo per la condensazione rigenerativa a film sottile. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 2015IT-UB00399


Metodo e dispositivo per l'evaporazione a film sottile mediante energia solare. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 2015IT-TO00481 |2015IT-UB00481


Metodo e apparato per l'evaporazione in trappola cava mediante energia solare o altra radiazione diretta. National patent

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Priority number(s): 2015IT-TO00480



These patents describe a method for generating steam in either a planar or in an hollow structure using solar radiation. The “solar radiation-to-vapor” efficiency is enhanced by the thin-film evaporation process occurring within the structure. The produced vapor is then condensed in a thin-film regenerator, which allows to recover the latent heat and thus to further increase the overall energy efficiency.