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Adjunct Professor
Visiting Staff - Borsa di studio per attività di ricerca non tassata (Department of Applied Science and Technology)

+39 0110904514 / 4514 (DENERG)

+39 0110908503 / 8503 (DENERG)

Last years publications

Triscari, Gabriele; Santovito, Michele; Bressan, Maurizio; Papurello, Davide (2021)
Experimental and model validation of a phase change material heat exchanger integrated into a real building. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH. ISSN 0363-907X Download fulltext
Sibiya, N. T.; Oboirien, B.; Lanzini, A.; Gandiglio, M.; Ferrero, D.; Papurello, D.; ... (2021)
Effect of different pre-treatment methods on gasification properties of grass biomass. In: RENEWABLE ENERGY, vol. 170, pp. 875-883. ISSN 0960-1481
Somano, Valentina; Ferrero, Domenico; Santarelli, Massimo; Papurello, Davide (2021)
CFD model for tubular SOFC directly fed by biomass. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, vol. 46, pp. 17421-17434. ISSN 0360-3199
Papurello, D.; Silvestri, S.; Modena, S. (2021)
Biogas trace compounds impact on high-temperature fuel cells short stack performance. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, vol. 46, pp. 8792-8801. ISSN 0360-3199
Papurello, Davide; Bertino, Davide; Santarelli, Massimo (2021)
CFD Performance Analysis of a Dish-Stirling System for Microgeneration. In: PROCESSES, vol. 9. ISSN 2227-9717 Download fulltext
Papurello, Davide; Lanzini, Andrea; Bressan, Maurizio; Santarelli, Massimo (2020)
H2S Removal with Sorbent Obtained from Sewage Sludges. In: PROCESSES, vol. 8, pp. 130-141. ISSN 2227-9717 Download fulltext
Tinnirello, Mirko; Papurello, Davide; Santarelli, Massimo; Fiorilli, Sonia Lucia (2020)
Thermal Activation of Digested Sewage Sludges for Carbon Dioxide Removal from Biogas. In: FUELS, vol. 1, pp. 30-46. ISSN 2673-3994 Download fulltext
Bona, Daniela; Papurello, Davide; Flaim, Giovanna; Cerasino, Leonardo; Biasioli, Franco; ... (2020)
Management of Digestate and Exhausts from Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Produced in the Dry Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Plant: Microalgae Cultivation Approach. In: WASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATION, pp. 1-16. ISSN 1877-2641
Lun Zhu, Hua; Papurello, Davide; Gandiglio, Marta; Lanzini, Andrea; Akpinar, Isil; ... (2020)
Study of H2S Removal Capability from Simulated Biogas by Using Waste-Derived Adsorbent Materials. In: PROCESSES, vol. 8. ISSN 2227-9717 Download fulltext
Papurello, Davide; Lanzini, Andrea (2019)
Waste fat material as PCM for thermal storage system. In: MATER 19, Piacenza, Maggio 2019, pp. 114-117
Papurello, Davide; Bona, Daniela; Tomasi, Luca; Flaim, Giovanna; Cerasino, Lorenzo; ... (2019)
Microalgae production from digestate of dry anaerobic digestion of organic waste sequestering CO2 from air.. In: Mater 19, Piacenza, maggio 2019, pp. 88-90
Papurello, Davide; Vitulli, Vitangelo; Minuto, Francesco Demetrio; Bottaccioli, Lorenzo; ... (2019)
Strategies for demand-side management in an office building integrated with rooftop façade PV installations.. In: TECNICA ITALIANA, vol. 63, pp. 311-314. ISSN 0040-1846
Papurello, Davide (2019)
Direct injection mass spectrometry technique for the odorant losses at ppb(v) level from nalophan™ sampling bags. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY, vol. 436, pp. 137-146. ISSN 1387-3806
Papurello, Davide; Silvestri, Silvia; Lanzini, Andrea (2019)
Biogas cleaning: Trace compounds removal with model validation. In: SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, vol. 210, pp. 80-92. ISSN 1873-3794
Kupecki, Jakub; Kluczowski, Ryszard; Papurello, Davide; Lanzini, Andrea; Kawalec, ... (2019)
Characterization of a circular 80 mm anode supported solid oxide fuel cell (AS-SOFC) with anode support produced using high-pressure injection molding (HPIM). In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY. ISSN 0360-3199
Papurello, Davide; Bressan, Maurizio; Daniela, Bona; Giovanna, Flaim; Leonardo, ... (2019)
Papurello, Davide; Ferrero, Domenico; Somano, Valentina; Canuto, Davide; Santarelli, ... (2019)
CFD model for tubular SOFC cells fed directly by biomass - a complete integrated system. In: 8th European Fuel Cell Piero Lunghi Conference, Napoli, 9-11 December, 2019, pp. 23-24. ISBN: 978-88-8286-386-9
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