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+39 0110908505 / 8505 (DENERG)

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Bachelor of Science

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Other activities and projects related to teaching

Involvement in teaching-related activities:
o Tenure track (sole lecturer) DENERG Master Degree Course - Laboratory of Energy Systems (LIE) 6CFU
o Collaborator of the DENERG Master's Degree Course (New battery systems for mobility (materials , cells and recycling))
o Supervisor of the Bachelor's degree course DIMEAS (Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission)
o Collaborator of the DENSYS course - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree - Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems (Polito, KTH, Ulr)
o Writing, conducting and checking exercises for the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission course. (DIMEAS)
o Construction of experimental tests and laboratory activities conducted within the Technical Physics laboratory for the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission course. (DIMEAS)
o Preparation of teaching materials for conducting laboratory tests in the Codegone laboratory (DENERG), for the Polygeneration Lab course (Master's degree course in Energy Engineering).
o Preparation of didactic material and conduction of the laboratory lecture for the PhD course in Ing. Energetica (XXV, XXIV cycle).
o Supervision of master thesis (supervisor): average of 10/year
o Supervision of three-year theses (supervisor): average of 40/year
o Activities of laboratory responsibility and test conduction: CCL lab., EC-Lab.
o Supervision of curricular internships: average of 10/year