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+39 0110904421 / 4421 (DENERG)

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Bersano, Andrea; Segantin, Stefano; Falcone, Nicolò; Panella, Bruno; Testoni, Raffaella (2020)
Evaluation of a potential reintroduction of nuclear energy in Italy to accelerate the energy transition. In: THE ELECTRICITY JOURNAL, vol. 33. ISSN 1040-6190
Giaretto, V.; Ballatore, A.; Passerone, C.; Desalvo, P.; Matta, M.; Saglietto, A.; De ... (2019)
Thermodynamic properties of atrial fibrillation cryoablation: A model-based approach to improve knowledge on energy delivery. In: JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY INTERFACE, vol. 16. ISSN 1742-5689
Chiesa, G; Bertani, C; Falcone, N; Bersano, A; Salve, M DE; Panella, B (2019)
Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow Measurement Using an Electrical Impedance Probe and a Venturi Flow Meter. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES, vol. 1224. ISSN 1742-6588
Rossini, Stefano; Bertani, Cristina; De Salve, Mario; Panella, Bruno; Pistelli, Sergio (2018)
Radiological characterization of the reactor pressure vessel of Trino NPP for dismantling purposes. In: PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, vol. 107, pp. 17-30. ISSN 0149-1970
Bersano, Andrea; Falcone, Nicolo'; Bertani, Cristina; DE SALVE, Mario; Panella, Bruno (2018)
Conceptual design of a bayonet tube steam generator with heat transfer enhancement using a helical coiled downcomer. In: PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY, vol. 108, pp. 243-252. ISSN 0149-1970
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