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D'Ambrosio, S.; Mancarella, A.; Manelli, A.; Mittica, A.; Hardy, G. (2021)
Experimental analysis on the effects of multiple injection strategies on pollutant emissions, combustion noise, and fuel consumption in a premixed charge compression ignition engine. In: SAE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINES, vol. 14. ISSN 1946-3936
D'Ambrosio, Stefano; Finesso, Roberto; Hardy, Gilles; Manelli, Andrea; Mancarella, ... (2021)
Model-Based Control of Torque and Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in a Euro {VI} 3.0 L Diesel Engine through Rapid Prototyping. In: ENERGIES, vol. 14. ISSN 1996-1073
Jin, Zhiru; Vento, Oscar; Zhang, Tantan; Ferrari, Alessandro; Mittica, Antonio; Ouyang, ... (2021)
Numerical-Experimental Optimization of the Common-Feeding Injection System Concept for Application to Light-Duty Commercial Vehicles. In: JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY, vol. 143. ISSN 0195-0738
D'Ambrosio, S.; Ferrari, A.; Mancarella, A.; Mittica, A. (2020)
Effects of Rate-Shaped and Multiple Injection Strategies on Pollutant Emissions, Combustion Noise and Fuel Consumption in a Low Compression Ratio Diesel Engine. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 21, pp. 197-214. ISSN 1229-9138
Ferrari, Alessandro; Mittica, Antonio; Novara, Carlo; Vento, Oscar; Violante, Massimo; ... (2019)
Further assessment of the injected mass closed-loop control strategy in the design of innovative fuel injection systems. In: 74TH ATI NATIONAL CONGRESS: Energy Conversion: Research, Innovation and Development for Industry and Territories. ISSN 0094-243X
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