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Corvaglia, Alessandro; Rundo, Massimo; Casoli, Paolo; Lettini, Antonio (2021)
Evaluation of Tooth Space Pressure and Incomplete Filling in External Gear Pumps by Means of Three-Dimensional CFD Simulations. In: ENERGIES, vol. 14. ISSN 1996-1073
Corvaglia, Alessandro; Ferrari, Alessandro; Rundo, Massimo; Vento, Oscar (2021)
Three-dimensional model of an external gear pump with an experimental evaluation of the flow ripple. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART C, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, vol. 235, pp. 1097-1105. ISSN 0954-4062
Rundo, Massimo; Corvaglia, Alessandro (2019)
Simulation and testing of a hydraulic winch. In: 74° Congresso Nazionale ATI, Modena, 11-13 settembre 2019. ISSN 0094-243X. ISBN: 978-073541938-4
Corvaglia, Alessandro; Altare, Giorgio; Finesso, Roberto; Rundo, Massimo (2019)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of a Load Sensing Proportional Valve. In: ASME-JSME-KSME 2019 8th Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, San Francisco, USA, July 28–August 1, 2019. ISBN: 978-0-7918-5902-5
Corvaglia, Alessandro; Rundo, Massimo (2018)
Comparison of 0D and 3D Hydraulic Models for Axial Piston Pumps. In: 73rd Conference of the Italian Thermal Machines Engineering Association (ATI 2018), Pisa, 12-14 settembre 2018, pp. 114-121. ISSN 1876-6102
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