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Martina Capone, PhD student @DENERG wons the Third Prize at DHC+ Student Awards 2020

The results of the 8th International DHC+ Student Awards were revealed by the Vice-Chairman of DHC+ Stefan Holler during the online awards ceremony on 18 June 2020, in the framework of DHC+Talks.
This year’s winners are:

  • 1st place – Benedikt Leitner (bottom left on the photo) from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / TU Wien (AT) with his research on “Simulating smart coupled district heating and electrical distribution networks”
  • 2nd place – Antoine Fabre (bottom right on the photo) from MINES Paris-Tech (FR) with his research on “Substation malfunction detection indicators to improve the operation of district heating networks”
  • 3rd place – Martina Capone (top right on the photo) from Politecnico di Torino (IT) with her research on “Integrated demand-side and production optimization of complex district heating and cooling networks
More details on their research will be published in the International EuroHeat&Power Magazine (issues III and IV 2020).